Welcome to StyleSnatcherShop.com!

    Stylesnatcher came to life in late 2013. Who said 13 is unlucky number?? My stylesnatching journey first started from my hungry passion for fashion put in to another “fashion blog”

    But What Is Style Snatcher?

    Stylesnatcher is all about snatching all those latest looks and trends. You’ve seen that awesome dress on Instagram but can’t find it anywhere? Do you find yourself tired of seeing people wearing exactly the same high street outfits over and over agin? Or perhaps you are looking new, fresh look that nobody else can offer you? If your answer is YES then you have landed at EXACLY right place!

    Our goal is to bring YOU the latest trends: from London, Paris, NY, Tokyo and Shanghai, before you can find them anywhere else.

    Our aim is to exite, innovate and most importantly bring you what you want before anyone else does.

    So sit down, relax and enjoy stylesnatching with me.



    Founder &  Head StyleSnatcher

    Hi. My name is Anita Kus. Probably better known as Little Miss Kus Kus. My surname is Kus and I’m pretty small person (some like to call- petite) so I guess It all makes sense.

    I’m a personal shopper, stylist, visual display artist, DJ, business owner and fashion blogger and I also have digital music production degree. Now you also know that I like to multitask. I also like to Stylesnatch. I am born Polish (which you probably guessed at this stage judging my BAD English) based in London and Dublin.

    How Did It All Start?

    I have spent the last few years working for the biggest high street fashion retailers. Recently I took a turn and decided to develop my own businesses and start blogging- telling people what I like, find and recommend. Shorty after that I decided that telling you what’s cool without giving you an opportunity to purchase it is just selfish!

    Therefore I decided I am not only gonna show you the latest trends- everything: from London, Paris, Berlin, NY, Shanghai and Tokyo but I will also bring it to you before anyone else! Now you can be the STYLESNATCHER!

    Anita Kus - The Style Snatcher

    Anita Kus - The Style Snatcher