OLAPLEX TREATMENT.- The hairdressing world has been taken over by the latest must have OLAPLEX TREATMENT.

    Olaplex treatment promises to leave your hair strong throughout lightening and colouring process. YES PLEASE!

    Olaplex treatment is an awesome way of cross linking the disulphide bonds in your hair that have broken down due to straightening, bleaching, colouring etc. Your hair is left stronger and not fragile.

    Ever since I started to talk about OLAPLEX treatment on my snapchat  (@stylesnatcher) I have been bombarder with questions about the treatment: How does it work? Can you do it yourself at home? Is it expensive? etc





    Olaplex no 1 and 2 can be used with all hair colours – meaning that next time you are visiting your hairdresser to get your hair colour done  (it doesn’t matter what colour you are going for) you must ask for olaplex treatment.  Olaplex nr 1 is mixed with a hair die and then applied to your hair. That mixture is left to develop with the colour. After the designated hair colour is developed and washed off olaplex no 2 is applied and left for 20 min. The hair is shampooed and a hydrating mask is applied.

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    You really have to believe me when I say that the difference is unbelievable!  I am bleach blonde myself and my natural hair colour is really dark, therefore my hair dye process requires use if bleach. As we all know bleach is doing no good to your hair. In fact in a long run bleaching your hair can lead to dryness and breakage. I do get Olaplex mixed with my hair colour every single time I get my colour done and I can not imagine getting my hair colour done without it now!

    I always get my hair done in Cowboys and Angels (4 South William Street, Dublin 2) The Olaplex with colour charge is only €20 on top of your colour charge.


    olaplex 2



    Olaplex is recommended to use with any in salon  hair colour, especially if you are looking for a big change feg : going blonde. Usin Olaplex will allow for your colourist to  pre lighten your hair without any damage caused.


    Cowboys and Angels also offer stand alone in salon OLPALEX treatment. The treatment will have the exact same results and when applied with the colour. I often come in for my OLAPLEX treatment in between my colouring sessions. Olaplex nr 1 is mixed with watcher and the applied to dry hair. This is left to sit for a while, then number 2 is applied and left for 20 minutes.

    The hair is then washed  and hydrating mask is applied and trust me: it really feels like having brand new hair!

    The treatment takes just over an hour and is followed by lovely blow dry. If you wish to pre- lengthen the BRAND NEW HAIR effect you can also purchase number 3 at home olaplex treatment in the salon. If you are looking to get olaplex stand alone treatment I would advise to book prior to special ocasion: girls night out, office xmas party etc as you will get lovely blow dry after the product is applied. And what’s better way to show off you BRAND NEW HAIR that to go out? 😛

    The cost of stand alone in salon OLAPLEX treatment (+ BLOW DRY)  is €85 if you wish to purchase OLAPLEX no 3 at home treatment it is €115. You can book your appointment HERE or call 01-679-76-54

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    There’s quite a lot of confusion when it comes to olaplex at home treatment- also known as OLAPLEX nr 3 HAIR PERFECTOR.

    Olaplex nr 3 can be purchased in authorised salons and applied at home. There’s absolutely no point to purchase if did not have in salon treatment (stand alone treatment or with your colour) . Olaplex nr 3 only works if nr 1 and 2 were applied prior.  Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector is retail portion of the Olaplex System and contains t active ingredient as both the No.1 and No. 2. This enables to repair and maintain strong, healthy hair in between your salon services as it continues to link bonds within the hair.

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    You want to apply a generous amount to towel-dried hair, comb through and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or longer, then rinse, shampoo and condition. This is NOT a conditioning treatment to be left on the hair. The longer this is left on, the more effective it will be. This may be used more than once a week if necessary.

    I really would recommend olaplex treatment to everyone. Especially if you are- like me bleach blonde or if you tend to use your heat tools a lot. I can really really see the difference with my hair condition and I dont think I would ever get my hair done again without Olaplex being used.


    I hope I answered some of your questions and I hope I will see you in the salon getting your olaplex on soon 🙂


















    • #3 does work without first using #1 and #2. Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate is present in all three phases of the treatment, with additives in #2 and #3 that make for a creamy consistency. The compound links single sulfur hydrogen bonds to produce disulfide bonds, irrespective of what bottle it comes from 1, 2, or 3. #3, while very similar to #2, is slightly diluted.

      • I’m not sure to be honest. I would say that you will notice difference after using 2 only but a mix of 1&2 would be more beneficial.

      • You mean olaplex no 3 at home treatment? Wouldn’t probably make any sense as no 3 is designated to maintain the effect of no 1 and 2 (no 1 is added to bleach)

      • My glaring typos Doesn’t seem to bother anyone else…And no. I’m not in the position of hiring an editor but I’m sure you’d make a great one…

      • Thank you for top tip. I speak and write 3 languages (English is not my native language) and I am a terrible speller in all of them.

    • Can we use olaplex no1 with bleach n hair dye???
      How much amount should we use…..?
      If natural color is black n wants the golden brown color then should we go for bleach?? Or mixing olaplex with desired color will effects the same???

      • hey, Yes no 1 comes in oil like for so it really is designated to be mixed with bleach/dye (but can b e used on its own) I am not quite sure about mills but the product comes with super easy to use measuring dose per treatment. Olaplex has no effect on bleach/dye result- it does not interfere with the colour. It is strangely recommended with bleach as the damage to hair follicle after colouring is significantly less than without.

    • if a client wanted to have this done as a stand alone treatment ( no colour service) when would you reccomend for them to have the treatment again

      • Depends of the condition of the hair. Feg if the hair is damaged I would suggest at least 3 treatments in a row, one per month. If the hair is fine i’d suggest with every colour application 6-8 weeks. It’s a nice way to make sure that the hair condition stays on top with every colouring session.

      • I’d say once a month on its own or every time you colour your hair. I never had a treatment on its own. I always get it done with my colour.

      • You can use any really. I would use olaplex no 3 as my conditioner once a week. But regularly I use castor oil line masque (as a conditioner) from she moisture range as my hair is bleached and dry.

      • 1&2 are essentially one product but designed in two steps to make it easy to use while colouring your hair. The texture of 1 is like an oil – so it makes it easier to be mixed with a hair dye. No 2 is thick like a conditioner.

      • of course you can! it’s just not as beneficial as using it after 1&2. It will make your hair feel amazing! But be aware that this will only be temporarily – until you wash your hair. Just like a conditioner. Very expensive conditioner 🙂

    • It is definitely NOT required or necessary to use n3 only after 1&2. I used it without 1&2 before it, and had wonderful results, even with less than half amount recommended.

      • sure except the result is only temporarily. Its like using conditioner. Theres hair damage filling modules in the product which makes hair feeling silky smooth. So yeah if you use no 3 only you will get wonderful results until you wash the hair next time. No 3 is designated to pre length actual treatment (1&2) it is not a treatment itself.

    • hello! just wondering since i didn’t have 1&2 done with my hair, could i do them both at home stand alone with no bleach/dying product and then continue with no3 to help my hair get healthier?

      • yes you can totally do that but I think 1&2 are only available to purchase by hairdressing professionals.

    • I just bleached my roots, put wella t18 toner in, and washed and conditioned my hair. Can I put in no. 3 overnight right after all that? Or should I wait a few days?

      • Sure you can. Ideally you’d want to use no 1 and 2 while processing your hair and follow with no 3 as a conditioner/ masque after.

    • Just want to say thanks for the advice and apologies for all the trolls who criticize you just ignore the rude idiots.

    • If I want to lighten the ends of my hair using bleach at home would just purchasing no.1 and mixing it in work to prevent damage?

    • Hi. I do have 1&2 at home. I do not have no3. How do I use 1&2 at home without colour? And which benefits will I achieve? Thank you.

      • Hi Susanna. You want to apply no 1 on its own and wait around 5 min before aplying nr 2. Process for about 15-20 0r longer. Rinse, shampoo and apply conditioner as normal.

    • My scalp was burnt several months ago i have been taking good care of it its still a bit thin around the crown of my head and brakeage is still happening not so bad but still…however I’m finally getting my hair done again my hair is bleached all over and this week I am booked at a Salon who have good reviews and I have asked my the most senior stylist there they have said they will use olaplex however no matter how good hairdresser they are is there a possibility olaplex won’t work for me because my hair is to damaged and I will go bald? Would you recommend me not to even put bleach back on my hair at all?

      • I would totally stay away from bleach!You have to remember that Olaplex isn’t a miracle. It does help and improves condition but if your hair is already damaged then the best thing to do would be to simply give it a break. I hope this helps. xx

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