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    Celebrity Waist Training Corset MANIA!

    waist training corset mania

    Celebrity Waist Training Corset MANIA

    It seems like Uk celebrities have joined “team no waist”!

    The waist training  corset obsession started few months back nowhere else than US of A.

    From Kim and Chloe Kardashian both posted a selfie wearing those miracle clinchers to Jessica Alba admitting she wore not ONE but two of them (yes at once) after she had a baby.

    Now Uk celebrities like Kerry Katona, Leah Wright,Bianca Gascoigne and model Holly Deacon  are obsessed with waist training.

    celebrities waist training

    Celebrity Waist Training Corset – How does it work??

    Waist training corsets/ shapers work by putting pressure on your body. If the garment is worn over a period of time it will modify your body shape.

    You are you able to lose up to 7 inches of your waistline in an instant (yes that’s 2 shirt sizes!!!)

    Waist trainers also help to “lift up” the breasts, putting them at “exactly right place” – bye bye gravity! It is made from thick latex with cotton  lining  for more comfortable wear. Latex puts pressure on your core and generates heat while you are physically active, your body burns fat quicker and realises toxins. That’s the whole secret!

    No wonder all of those perfect body hungry celebrities follow this waist training trend.

    Celebrity Waist Training – Does it really work?

    Don’t get me wrong, waist training corsets aren’t a miracle itself.  You do have to combine wearing the garment with healthy diet and excursive.

    This fantastic garment really helps and speeds up the process.  Thanks to my waist training regime I have managed to loose all the weight I gained during pregnancy very fast.

    It took me about 6 months and I was back in the business! 🙂

    Over a period of time I was able to loose 7 INCHES of my waist line! I am extremely happy with the result and I will definitely continue my waist training journeycelebrities waist training

    The only minus of having a small waist is that it is virtually impossible to find clothes to fit you. Everything is too big at the waist. I am not complaining tho. I love my new body.

    Waist Training Corset vs Waist Training Shaper – what’s the difference?

    This is one of the  most common questions I get. What is the difference?

    There’s really on major difference between waist training corset and a shaper. 

    Waist training corsets are made with steel boning, which means that they are more aggressive- powerful and will allow you to “modify” your body shape quicker by putting more pressure to the core, works similar to standard “old school” corsets. This garments usually come in black colour as opposite to funky pinks, blues and yellows of waist shapers.

    Waist shapers are also made from latex and work on the same principle but this are made without steel boning, therefore this garment is more comfortable to wear on daily basis as well as you can excursive easy with it on.


    You can order your waist training corset or waist training shaper NOW from Stylesnatcher Shop. waist training corset

    We have all sizes available and we are able to assist you with choosing a right size for you.  We ship word wide.


    Remember: This could be you, but You are NOT waist training!

    Waist training corsets and waist training shapers are my snatch of the day!


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