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    DIY cocowhite oil pulling at home


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    Hi Guys.

    I’m pretty much positive you have heard of COCOWHITE at this stage. Just in case you didn’t I am going to tell you a little bit about it. COCOWHITE is a company ( or  a brand)  producing oil pulling sachets.

    What’s oil pulling? I hear you saying?

    DIY cocowhite oil pulling at home



    Oil pulling is an ancient method of swirling coconut oil around your mouth for oral health benefits. Coconut oil is a natural remedy which kills harmful bacteria in your mouth. Theres thousands of harmful bacteria living in your mouth on daily basis. Some of them are “good” and some… not so much. These are known as “plaque”. It is completely normal to have some amount of plaque in your mouth (yes you and me we all have it) but when it gets out of hand these bacteria can cause all sorts of unpleasant problems:  bad breath, yellow teeth, gum inflammation, gingivitis and cavities. Ain’t nobody wants that!







    DIY cocowhite oil pulling at homeTo avoid all of those truly unpleasant plaque symptoms all you need to do is to oil pull. Yes. It is that simple.

    Oil pulling will not only kill all “bad” bacteria but coconut oil is know as one of the natural teeth whitening  remedies.

    Healthy mouth and white teeth and all this natural way? YES PLEASE!

    I have been very much intrigued by this oil pulling craze, therefore I have done some research.




    DIY cocowhite oil pulling at home


    First I have checked out COCOWHITE website for their product and pricing offer.

    COCOWHITE offer a course of pre mixed sachets of pure coconut oil + flavouring. You can choose between vanilla, lemon or minty fresh flavour. You can choose between 2 weeks course ( 14 sachets – £19.99) 4 weeks ( £34.99) or 6 weeks (£51.99)

    I have to say I really thought this prices are really reasonable until I checked the ingredients.



    DIY cocowhite oil pulling at home


    COCOWHITE has only two ingredients in it : pure virgin coconut oil and flavouring (vanilla, mint or lemon). My automatic though was: I’m totally going to make it myself at home!



    I am a big fan of coconut oil and I use it for years now. I use it as hair treatment, conditioner, makeup remover and body lotion so I am very familiar with it’s prices as I have been buying it for ages.  Small jar – 200 g of Coconut Virgin Oil cost about €5 and you can get it in health store and even your local Tesco has it. The only thing I was missing was the flavour. I wasn’t giving up tho and decided to give it a try without the fancy flavour in my mouth.


    Let me put it that way: learn on somebody else  mistakes andDIY cocowhite oil pulling at home DON’T DO IT! It wasn’t pleasant experience and I almost immediately got sick! The texture and the flavour wasn’t great at all. Imagine to put a spoon full of butter in your mouth and try to swirl it around. Yuck!

    At that point I decided the flavour is essential therefore I went on ” let’s get some mint flavour quest”



    I decided that mint is the most suitable flavour to be putting in your mouth and  managed to find my mint oil in Irish health store. I bought Atlantis Aromatics Pepermint Oil 10 ml- total cost €7.29. 10 ml might sound like a little but trust me a little really goes a long way in this case.

    DIY cocowhite oil pulling at home


    Atlantis Aromatic comes in more that 20 different flavours so you can customise your oil pulling experience to pretty much any flavour you want feg: cinnamon, lime, mandarin or any other one.After successfully completing my quest I decided it’s time to see how’s that going to work.


    Now when I had all the ingredients it was the time to give the oil pulling craze a try. All I do is pull less than na full tea spoon of coconut oil and add 1-3 drops of peppermint oil. You can regulate the intensity of the flavour by adding more or less drops of oil. Put all this in your mouth and start swirling. It is recommended to do so for 5-15 minutes. I usually do my oil pulling while I apply my makeup in the morning. You can also do it in the ca on your way to work, while watching tv in the evening, reading  or simply whenever you doing anything that doesn’t involve talking as your mouth will be full.


    DIY cocowhite oil pulling at home


    Summarising all this: Do yourself a favour and save your hard earned money! 2 weeks of oil pulling treatment for £19.99  (about €25) vs about 6  months for €13 (about £10) that’s a no brainer for me! Yes you just saved up about € 490 ! You’re wellcome!

    Happy OIL PULLING everyone!

    Ps. All the money you saved up thanks to this post please send them to me asap so I can buy myself more shoes! Thanks! 😛




















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