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    Kim Kardashian Waist Training Corset Secrets

    kim kardashian waist training corset

    Kim Kardashian Waist Training Corset Secrets

    Celebrity waist training obsession is at the boom now! Especially ever since the reality tv star KUWK Kim Kardashian herself started to share her hourglass body secrets.  Kim Kardashian waist training corset journey started few months back when she first shared a picture wearing WAIST TRAINING SHAPER.  But not only Kim Kardashian is the big fan of the waist training method. Kourtney and Chloe have also been sharing the pictures of them self wearing one.

    Kim Kardashian Waist Training Corset Secrets

    kim kardashian waist training corsetEver since Kim Kardashian started wearing waist training corset

    I, as self called waist training queen,

    have been getting A LOT of question on waist training itself.

    So what is Kim waist Training secret???

    Let’s start from the fact that there’s two different types of waist training corsets, shapers.

    Both of them we have seen Kim wear.

    The blue corset you can see Kim wear is – WORKOUT WAIST TRAINING SHAPER.

    Kim Kardashian Waist Training Corset Secrets

    This waist training corset is designated to be worn when working out or whenever you are going to be active. This does not mean that it can not be worn underneath your clothing during the day. Yes you can wear it at all time but there’s more power full, day wear designated garment which will allow you to get much better/ quicker results.

    Well waist training involves working out while wearing a designated WORKOUT WAIST TRAINING SHAPER

    – exactly the same as Kim wore on the picture below. kim kardashian waist training corset

    Kim chose her garment in baby blue colour,

    we have seen Kourtney wearing the same garment in Pink

    and Chloe chose to wear more funky COMIX print one

    – essentially all these are the same functionality garments.

    kim kardashian waist training corset








    By wearing WORKOUT WAIST TRAINING SHAPER  you will gradually reduce your waist size making for a defined hourglass figure. Anytime you are going to be active, whether it’s in work, walk in the park, on a night out, enjoying the dinner with your friends as well as and most importantly during your workout this garment will work. The idea is that the tight compression will reduce your food intake -smaller meals more often, rather than three large meals a day. Wearing this workout waist shaper triggers compression to your core, stimulates thermal activity and ramps up perspiration. This process will allow toxins and impurities to exit the skin while mobilising fat cells. The potential waist reduction is around 7 inches for most wearers wearing waist trainers over long period of time, combined with exercise and healthy diet can significantly change your body shape and not only when you are wearing the garment.


    Kim Kardashian Waist Training Corset Secrets

    Another, also known as day wear waist training corset method kim kardashian waist training corsetis MIRACLE WAIST TRAING CORSET,also loved by Chloe and her sister Kim. Miracle waist shaper works by putting pressure on your body and if worn over a period of time it will modify your body shape. Not only are you able to lose up to 7 inches of your waistline in an instant (yes that’s 2 shirt sizes!!!) This item is specificly made for every day wear and the differece between MIRACLE WAIST TRAING CORSET and WORKOUT WAIST TRAINING SHAPER is The Miracle waist training corset has much more “power” – due to different materials being used to manufacture. Miracle waist shaper is made from heavy duty- rubber like material as opposite to more soft,  flexible material Workout waist shaper is made from. This means that wearing miracle waist shaper will give you more aggressive and more permanent results than wearing workout waist shaper on daily basis. kim kardashian waist training corset

    Due to aggressive,  snug fit of this garment we do not recommend it to be used while working out. 


    Now you know the secret!

    Kim Kardashian waist training secret has been revealed! Now you can achieve this hourglass figure you always wanted. I bet your question is: DOES THIS REALLY WORK?

    Well if you are not convinced by seeing the results on the Kardashian sisters I can tel you that I have been using both of those garment for over 2 years now. Ever since I had a baby (almost 2 years ago) I have struggled to bring my body back to the shape and size I wanted it to be. It seemed my waistline was nonexistent, and no matter how long I have spent in the gym my muffin top and excess tummy wasn’t going anywhere until … I discovered waist training corset method. Not only I have lost 20kg after having a baby but I also lost about 18cm in my waist size and I am still progressing towards smaller waist size. So if you like me are looking for a easy solution in achieving this hourglass body you always wanted search no more!


    Warning: Wearing waist training corsets will cause significant reduction in your waist size. Be prepared to alternate all your trousers. This is my struggle but I am not complaining.


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