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    My Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening Routine

    quick and easy teeth whitening routine

    My Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening Routine

    quick and easy teeth whitening routine

    What’s more attractive than beautiful snow white smile?

    I guess every single one of us women and men would like to have this gorgeous white smile.

    But it is very difficult to keep your teeth white with this urban lifestyle we all have. Coffee, Tea, smoking drinking – these are the most common factors to make your teeth stain.

    In this post I will show you my quick and easy teeth whitening routine.

    My Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening Routine

    You might think that it is super duper expensive to whiten your teeth and it does need to be performed by professional.

     You could not be more wrong. Nowadays every single pharmacy stocks teeth whitening solutions and plenty of different systems are available on the market.
    I have personally tried it all :  from whitening paste, gel, syringes with whitening solution and even professional teeth whitening. I can probably call myself ” a teeth whitening wizard” at this stage.

    My Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening Routine

    Lets’ get to the point. Many of you have asked me what do I do to keep my teeth white so here it is.

    I swear by CREST products. The brand comes from USA and unfortunatelly it is not available in UK/ Ireland but don’t panic you can get it easily on amazon or ebay.

    My Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening Routine

    quick and easy teeth whitening routineDaily Basis care. 

    I only use Crest 3D White Luxe Lustrous Shine Toothpaste. I use it every time I brush my teeth – 2-3 times a day on average. This toothpaste not only protect my teeth from stains ( I am coffee addict btw) but also according to manufacturer gives you shinier smile in a day – yes it does! as well as whiter teeth in a week. This toothpaste is enamel safe meaning that it is safe to use without any damage caused to your teeth. Crest 3D White Luxe Lustrous Shine Toothpaste is available in every drugstore in USA and it costs about $6. You can also purchase it via Ebay or Amazon.

    Twice a week. quick and easy teeth whitening routine

    Twice a week I brush my teeth with CREST PRO WHITE HD system. This contains of two pasts and two simple steps.

    First I brush my teeth with STEP 1 paste – PURIFYING CLEANSER paste which helps to strip away plaque. I love using this one because the feeling you get after use is amazing! It just feels super clean. I really love.

    Immediately after use (without rinsing my mouth)  I follow with step two: PERFECTING GEL – this paste polishes and whiteness your teeth.

    The whitening power of CREST PRO WHITE HD system is much higher that Crest 3D White Luxe Lustrous Shine Toothpaste therefore I only use this twice a week or even once a week. I have used it continuously for few days in a row and have experiences teeth sensitivity.

    This whitening system costs about $12 and is available in drugstores in USA.

    quick and easy teeth whitening routineOnce a week. 

    Last and final step in my teeth whitening routine is CREST 3D WHITE WHITESTRIPS. This is the essential step in  my teeth whitening routine. I have tried this product years ago and I swear by it! Not only me but also my friends and family have noticed huge difference.  Many people (including myself) experience sensitivity after use.

    I have originally purchased CREST 3D WHITE WHITESTRIPS in supreme flexlift – these are the strongest crest whitestrips available on the market, therefore my teeth got sensitive straight after one use but I have also clearly seen the difference in my teeth shade. Amazing difference.

    Because of discomfort cause I would only use them in the evening ( can’t feel sensitivity when you’re asleep :P) and I would only keep them on for about 10 minutes.

    Because of the above I recently decided to purchase sensitive teeth version -CREST  3 D WHITE WHITESTRIPS gentle routine. Ever since I have changed to gentle routine I have no problem with sensitivity at all. They are about $39 for 24 strips available in most of drugstores in US and also Ebay and Amazon for those of you who are Europe based.

    My quick and easy teeth whitening routine

    quick and easy teeth whitening routine 2They are super easy and quick to use with amazing after results. Every single sachet contains 2 strips- lower and upper one. They are quite sticky and will easily stick to your teeth after you apply them on. They are quite wide – that’s to make sure the strip will cover the front of your teeth as well as the bottom/back. You will fold the excess back.


    quick and easy teeth whitening routine


    You repeat the same process on your lower teeth. I would recommend to put on some lip balm before you apply them on as the chemicals used can be very drying for your lips.



    Many people is scared to use CREST 3 D white strips due to sensitivity being quite common side effect. If you would like to try them yourself I would strongly recommend to purchase one or two strips (that’s around €3) before you purchase whole set. You can buy as little as 1 strip on EBay.

    quick and easy teeth whitening routine

    This is definitely my favourite and the most successful way of teeth whitening. It is quick and easy and most importantly you can do it at home ( I usually do it when applying my makeup on. Multitasking right!) with no damage to your teeth. Remember we are all born with different natural bone colour therefore the results may vary.

    What’s your teeth whitening method?





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